As an ex-Archaeology student turned writer (fulltime as of April 2012), I’ve written articles for websites like Mashable, CNN Travel, Matador Network’s Brave New Traveler, Gadling,  EcoSalon and Weburbanist, and I’ve written for offline publications including the San Francisco Chronicle.

(Here’s a list so I don’t start boring you.)

I also write a blog focused on travel and misadventure called Fevered Mutterings (mentioned by World Hum, Lonely Planet and Lifehacker). You can also find me at Medium and Maptia.

I still don’t think I write enough.

But I’m working on it.

What’s Your Story?

Seriously – enough about me. I want to know about you.

Why are you reading this and what are you after? In short: can I help?

Drop me an e-mail using the form below.

Stuff I Help People With

As a freelance copywriter, I write for people who want compelling online copy designed to get read, get shared and compel people to act.

As a narrative consultant, I help individuals and small businesses use storytelling to make their audiences care.

Eh? “Narrative what’s-that-again?”

I know, I know. Once upon a time I felt the same way.

Storytelling used to be seen as something purely for kids – something to quieten them down at bedtime. More recently, it has become a popular marketing buzzword, spawning a bazillion blog-post variations on “your company needs to tell stories” without touching on the trickier subjects of why and how. For a long time, this put me right off the subject. I just wanted to write.

But then I started experimenting. I started talking to the right people. I learned what storytelling is, what it isn’t, and what it’s for.

Storytelling Is A Skill

Talent has a part to play, but everyone can learn to tell a good story that hooks a reader.

When that story is about yourself, you build a dedicated following. When that story is about a business, you make a sale.  When that story is about something you care about, you make other people care about it just as deeply.

That’s a hell of a powerful skill, right?

Storytelling Isn’t Childish

Storytelling drives the modern world. When we worry about something, we’re owned by a story of our own making. When we turn over a new leaf, we rewrite the story that drives us. Politics and law are wars of narratives, where the best story becomes the new way forward for society. Military simulators are applied storytelling. Everywhere you look in the modern world, if you look hard enough, you’ll see storytelling being used by adults, for adults.

(And that’s not even touching on the entertainment industry.)

Storytelling Is For Getting Into The Heads Of Strangers

Here’s an analogy that works for me. You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization, better known  as SEO? It’s an array of techniques for making search engines pay attention to online content, so that content gets read by more people.

And storytelling?



Storytelling is a toolkit for getting information into the heads of strangers in a form that is retained and acted upon.

It’s how cultural values are transmitted, so we all share the same moral vocabulary. It’s how marketeers get you to buy what they’re selling. It’s how you absolutely couldn’t put down your favourite book.

 Want to know more?

Download my free book on the subject:

StorytellingEverything MASTER.pdf - Adobe Reader 20022013 175156-005

(Click here to download the book)

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  1. Susan Jones

    Hi Mike, I am very new to blogging and writing. I feel a bit worried about success because of over-loaded information already on the web. Every blog post needs to be discovered but I don’t know exactly how?
    I will keep reading and learning.
    my g+ profile >> Susan Jones

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