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  Many people wonder how someone can make writing a career. Some are in the camp of ‘writing is a piece of cake’ while others are baffled by someone who can consistently pen down interesting and insightful page after page.…


  Everyone has their own skills and special abilities that make them unique. Some find that their talent is painting or drawing, others find joy in acting or singing. Just like that, captivating anyone with their words is a skill…

Copywriting For Humans
Copywriting For Humans

The best copy is warm and engaging and can bring any subject alive. (It’s also clean, efficient and search-engine friendly.) And the way copy comes alive is when it tells a story that makes people care. That’s what I do. That’s my…

What Is Mentoring?
What is Mentoring?

That’s the first thing I ask my clients when they sign on for mentorship. Writing is a great big huge open-ended mass o’stuff, and it’s easy to fitfully chase lots of opportunities and get absolutely nowhere. That’s a depressing state…

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My Aphrodisiacs – which are the best foods that can help boost your sex life?

An Aphrodisiac is also referred to as a drug of love. It is that substance…

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UNDERSTANDING VPN SERVERS VPN, also known as Virtual Private Networking, is a security option available…

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Italy Cars: The Dream Wheels To Your Dream Trip

Touring in style is one of the things that you have in mind when you…

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How to Choose Best VPN For Torrenting

Torrents are quite popular. It is more than likely that one has heard of the…

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My Aphrodisiacs – which are the best foods that can help boost your sex life?

An Aphrodisiac is also referred to as a drug of love. It is that substance which helps in increasing the libido when taken in.

  • Dark chocolate can get your sex life boosted: dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and thus is a delicious way of getting some more of it. Antioxidants are considered to contribute to the reducing signs of aging and also the risk of the cervical cancer. The dark chocolate can make way in your kitchen as an aphrodisiac too.
  • Brazil nuts are considered to help in the stimulation of the production of a healthy ova and a sperm: the nuts contain selenium, this nutrient cuts the rate of prostate cancer in men. Since selenium stimulates the production of a healthy ova and sperm it is also considered as one of the best Aphrodisiacs. Other nuts and seeds can also be included in your diet such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans and hazelnuts. Walnuts have a double effect when it comes to playing a role in the department of love since it also contains omega- 3.
  • Apple: apple can also help in improving of your love life. Apple and other fruits like the berries and cherries are also rich in quercetin and when sex life is considered quercetin helps in controlling the symptoms of prostatitis and interstitial cystitis and also helps in the promoting of circulation. The IC related sexual symptoms will include genital pain, erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse.
  • Sweet potatoes: they are rich in potassium which helps fight the high level of blood pressure. Which is also regarded as a high risk of the dysfunction of the erectile.
  • Libido can increase with the eating of oysters: this seafood dish is truly rich in zinc which helps in increasing of the libido and also helps in the production of the cells of the sperm. This helps in getting in a good mood and also increases the chances of insemination.
  • Strawberries can increase your sex drive: strawberries have always been considered as one of the best Aphrodisiacs. They help to increase the sex drive in both the men and the women. Adding dark chocolate to the strawberries gives all the more a sensual treat to both you and your partner.
  • Meat: start including a variety to the meat section in your diet. Chicken, Pork, Beef. These meats contain Carnitine, L- arginine and also amino acids that help in the improvement of the flow of blood. If you are a vegetarian then you can go in for whole grains, nuts and the dairy products.

How does garlic work as an Aphrodisiac?

Increase in the blood flow to the sexual organs and dilating the blood vessels happens due to Allicin which is responsible for it. For good results you will have to chew on three to four cloves of the garlic for almost a week. The libido is stirred by the heat that is there in the garlic. But garlic will also you with a terrible breath, so after eating make sure you brush your teeth well or chew some gum so that your partner doesn’t keep away from you. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are some major issues caused in men because of the low levels of testosterone in them.

Signs that might tell you have low testosterone

  • Reduction in the sex drive: reduced levels of testosterone will also decrease the sex drive in you. It may also reduce your ability to have an erection.
  • Emotional distress: with low levels of testosterone you will feel emotionally distressed and it won’t let you be in a mood where you can have sex.
  • Low production of sperms: the sperm production in your body is reduced when the level of testosterone is low and your body makes an assumption that you will have no sexual activity.

Garlic can increase the levels of testosterone in your body. How?

  • Garlic helps in the synthesis of proteins which are essential for the manly look that you need to have – the bigger and strong muscles.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be healed with the help of garlic. Eating a garlic can help you get an erection.

Starting your morning with a power packed breakfast keeps you in a good mood through the entire day. What kind of breakfast could help you boost your sex life? Bananas, honey and coffee ­– Bananas are considered to be rich in vitamin B and potassium and both these are equally important for the production of the sex hormone. Honey on the other hand has being used to promote the sexual desire in humans in the past. While considering coffee, this has been found to increase arousal in females.

My Aphrodisiacs was started by a group of 4 youngsters from different countries who met and discussed their mutual interests in foods and aphrodisiacs and started off with their research from there. Since they are from different countries the appetite level and different types of food that are available can help in the boosting of your sex life. The aim of my aphrodisiacs is to spread their knowledge to the world and improve your quality of life and your sex life too. They look forward in sharing their discoveries with people across the globe so that positive results are obtained. Love making is an important factor to our vitality and towards a healthy and better living.

If you have become a slump in the bedroom, it is time to look what is going wrong with your diet, there are many foods that have the required nutrients which can help you build up your libido and also increase your overall health too. An aphrodisiacs are the foods which can benefit you to improve our sex drive. These will vary from person to person. Thus you need to consider yourself and which food suits you the best and then accordingly start consuming them to get a boost to your sex life.



VPN, also known as Virtual Private Networking, is a security option available on the internet which extends a technology-based protection to your privacy. It uses layers of security to both private and public networks, also extending to broadband and hotspot networks in addition to WiFi services. VPNs are private networks within a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN or WAN) that allows a user to access, receive and send information secretly. This user could be an individual, an organisation or a body corporate.


Torrenting is a popular means of getting your hands on the latest media files on the internet, be it movies, songs, software or any of the wide range of things available. Not all torrents are legal in nature, as it technically amounts to wrongful acquisition and piracy to download media files for free. This is why VPN is gaining so much popularity in the torrents market, as it hides your personal details and puts you out of risk while downloading. There are a bunch of reasons why you should use VPNs while torrenting:

  • Most importantly, VPN protects you from any enforcement related and legal ramifications in case you illegally download something. Legal consequences could be very complicated in this arena, so its advised to stay away from them.
  • VPNs let you change your IP address and encrypt all your online activities while browsing the web, which shields you from phishing, hacking and other identity theft related cyber crimes. It also protects your private information, as the IP address is actually enough to locate an individual.
  • There is no loss in the speed of browsing the internet, which is a plus point given all the benefits of using it.

Once you are convinced that using a VPN service is a smart, coming of age decision while undertaking any download or data processing related tasks on the internet, the next question that arises is: how do you select the best VPN for torrenting? You can find satisfying answers to this dilemma at, a website dedicated to inform you of the best available services, track their success rates and provide a consolidated list of their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for yourself. It hosts three of the best VPN services in the market with their detailed descriptions. These services are ranked on the basis of a few strict parameters, which are listed below:

Server Speed: fast internet connectivity is a basic requirement of any VPN service. Sometimes, torrent websites have a high load capacity that can slow a server down. How fast the server allows you to surf despite these loads is the true test pf quality.
Uploading and Downloading Speed: when downloading a large file, slow internet speed can cause serious hiccups and lead to deteriorated quality of the download. Hence, a fast download and upload speed is necessary in a good VPN service.
Privacy, Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation: according to, the first and foremost task of a VPN is to effectively mask the identity of its users. The best torrenting VPN will ensure that your privacy on the internet while surfing or downloading torrents remains classified.
Bandwidth: unlimited bandwidth is another added perk to your VPN enabled internet surfing experience, making it a comfortable ride without the fear of your Internet Service Provider unduly interfering with it.
Device Compatibility: what is the point of a connection server if it does not run properly on your devices? Good quality VPN servers should be compatible across all operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, etc.
Leak Protection: this feature is only available in a very few, high end VPN servers only. When operating systems like Windows sends a DNS request, it does so with an IP address, usually. With this feature, the IP address is further protected and the request is routed through the VPN itself, in full secrecy.

BEST VPN FOR TORRENTING Now that the parameters have been set, the question arises, which server is actually the best VPN for torrenting purposes? offers an answer to this question by ranking the top three VPN servers. A summary of their Pros and Cons are given below: 


ExpressVPN offers a reliable service and has kept customers satisfied for several years. Some of its features have been divided into pros and cons here:


  • This is a no log VPN
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth and a smart DNS service, including leak protection
  • User friendly interface and easy to access across several operating systems
  • 30-day money back guarantee!


  • No free trial available
  • The plan itself is costlier than the others
  1. IPVanish has ranked this service among the high rated competitors because of its impressive speed and fair pricing. The features are:


  • It has a world-wide reach and maximum torrent support
  • Zero log policy and free NAT firewall
  • Unlimited bandwidth and secure DNS
  • Great compatibility across operating systems
  • 7-day money back guarantee!


  • The only shortcoming is that strict US laws on data regulation and cyber security are applicable.


  • PureVPN

This server is known for its impressive speed as well as good anonymisation facilities. Its features are:


  • No logs kept of the users
  • Allows five simultaneous logins
  • Great speed and compatibility with various operating systems
  • Special split tunnel and internet kill switch features


  • Customer support is not that great
  • Paid trial period of just 3 days


It is safe to say that VPN servers are the need of the hour when it comes to downloading and surfing content on the internet, especially torrents. Websites like are widely known for providing the reader with unbiased ranking and great insights into the servers in the market. Log onto to to find a server of your preference, and torrent away safely to glory!

Italy Cars: The Dream Wheels To Your Dream Trip

Touring in style is one of the things that you have in mind when you get a chance to travel to a European country. A number of them are home to a variety of giants. And in every country that you visit, you will get a chance to test out multiple machines. But in all those destinations, few can claim to bear a torch to the name of Italy. Luxury cars and the country of Italy have been going hand in hand for quite some time now. They have a mutually beneficial relation, one benefits from the mention of other. A number of traditional lines have found their inspiration in the streets of this beautiful country. Italy cars have been famous for their look and styling. If you ever find yourself in the country then do visit the head offices and user experience centers of these companies.

When it comes to the country, the people are exactly as sporty as the cars they endorse. As Italy is one of the most favored tourist destinations, many tourists frequent it every year. This has opened up a business opportunity for those who can afford to. Nowadays, when you visit the country, you will have an option to rent a luxurious car and travel in style when you come here. Italy cars are famous all over the world, they have a fan following and avid user base. Even when portrayed in movies, they have always been shown to be the most luxuriant of all and the benchmarks when it comes to sports performance. Years of innovation and research have gone into the development of these cars. And all these enhancements have not only added to the allure of the car but also pushed up its price significantly.

The cost factor of a luxurious vehicle:

This is what contributes mainly to the inability of people to afford them. When you talk about a luxurious vehicle, there are factors that very few people take into account. Not everyone can afford them and hence for many this dream of a luxurious travel remains just that, a dream. But not anymore, with the help of services in Italy, you can now afford to rent a vehicle and move around the place. And it is not that much of a task too. All that you have to do is be of a minimum edge and have enough money to submit a deposit and pay the daily charges. For this little measure, you can have a luxury wheel for an entire day and go wherever you want to.

All these measures have been included in the services being offered to tourists on visit to the country. And they have paid rich dividends too, the number of visiting tourists have increased and they have been giving the experience a thumbs up rating ever since they started to use the service. Italy cars have been made available for the purpose of renting for a short period of time. Majority of the visitors to the country look for having the ultimate Italian experience when they visit the country. An Italian vehicle is a part of the deal. But as mentioned above, the huge costs that have been spent on making the car what it is today. All these and the included profit for the maker push it beyond the reach of many. Having a rental option available is what it takes to make that dream come true. For a little investment into your travel, you can get to have the best vehicles in the world.

The traveler’s guide:

The problem with taking a touring package is that you do not get to spend as much time as you want to at a place. You have to keep rushing along with the tour guide to the places that he or she takes you to. It is important that you have sufficient time on your hand if you want to enjoy a place. Having your own vehicle to move around will do just that. You can take to the roads and get to see that city or the country from a completely new point of view. And all it takes is just a sum of euros. On planning to visit a country like Italy, you have to put aside a considerable sum of money. And if you have been able to accumulate that kind of money then surely setting aside a little to travel in style will be no hard task for you. And for a little investment in your travel, you can greatly increase your comfort level during your stay. The cost that they charge from you includes the cost of maintenance and repair that might have to be done once you are done with your ride. The rest is an insurance sum that you have to submit. This amount is refundable at the end of the time when you return the vehicle. A daily amount is deducted for every day that you use the vehicle.

Italy cars have a special attraction. The way they are built is aerodynamic, use of an efficient form and shape is made to reduce the air resistance that the vehicle experiences as it speeds along. The purr of the engine and the revving of the machine, both are an important factor when it comes adding to the excitement of the ride. These are the two most important factors that add to the excitement of the rider. And this excitement is what the rider pays to experience, the cost, according to the machine, varies.

So all that it comes down to, is the passion of the tourist. If you are an enthusiast, then you don’t have to be persuaded. If you are not then it is advised that you do so. Visiting Italy and not indulging a sports car will leave something to be desired in your dream trip to the country. Do not leave an experience unfinished, visit a rental service or approach them online.

How to Choose Best VPN For Torrenting

Torrents are quite popular. It is more than likely that one has heard of the terms “Torrent”, “Bit Torrent”, in their lives as of yet. Torrents have been under a lot of look out since they were deemed illegal by many countries and their use was strictly banned. Why and how are these torrents illegal and how to download them will be discussed and thoroughly covered in the article below? Read on to find out more.

What are torrents?

Torrents are the computer files that contain metadata of the file one wants to download. Torrent files do end in the extension .torrent. It must be noted that torrent files do not contain the original data of the content, instead it only contains data like the file names, cryptographic hash values, etc. Using the torrent clients like uTorrent, Bit Torrents, etc., a user can use the torrent files to download data easily.

How does torrenting work?

Torrenting is a peer to peer method of sharing files. Unlike in normal downloads, where all the files are stored on a central server by the website’s company that one is downloading the files from, in Torrenting, users upload their data on their computers, and generate a torrent file that other users click on and using torrent clients locate the data on the uploader’s computer, asks necessary permission and then download the content.

The person that uploads files is called the seeder, the one that downloads is called the leecher.

Below is the flow chart of the process

Seeder uploads a file on their PC > Seeder generates a torrent file > The torrent file only contains the meta data that helps identify the file, its location, and the completeness of it > Leecher finds a torrent file on search engines for torrents, like Pirate Bay > Leecher clicks on the link and copies it on the torrent client on his PC > The torrent client locates the torrent’s seeder and the original file > Torrent client request for necessary permissions > Torrent client downloads the original file containing data for the leecher.

Internet is required for the entire process.

Torrent’s actual work is to make downloading of files and sharing files easy. Torrents are highly beneficial tools for sharing data across the internet.

How is torrent illegal? Why are they banning torrents?

Because torrents are a peer to peer (P2P) sharing network, many users misuse the network and upload illegal pirated content over the platform. Most people share pirated movies, leaked movies, pirated software over the network, and millions of people around the world download them. This destroys the business of the movie makers, software makers, etc., when people are not buying their originals. Since there are so many of them today, that are misusing this platform, that it is almost impossible to spot and blacklist them, torrents are banned in many countries.

It is the right time to also mention that downloading and sharing copyright infringed content is a criminal offense for reasons mentioned above and must be avoided at all times.

However, it is not illegal at all times. There are various open source software around the world that can be easily downloaded as torrents through the torrent clients. Thus, torrents are beneficial that they make it easier to share files and download them, provided they are legal.

Torrenting can be dangerous they say, why?

Torrenting can be dangerous because the tracker files in the torrent files find the leacher’s IP address and that can be misused. Some production people track these IP addresses and pass them onto the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), so that based on the laws, ISPs can do what is in their power to track down the leachers and prevent them from downloading similar content further, or even detain the users completely, although most of the times the leachers do not even know they are downloading copyright infringed content. This is when people start using VPNs for Torrenting to prevent themselves from being incarcerated.

What are VPNs? Why use VPNs for Torrenting?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. One uses VPN for Torrenting in order to remain anonymous while downloading files from torrents. These VPNs prevent showing the leacher’s IP addresses to the trackers thereby preventing any further detention or actions by the ISPs.

The other important use of VPNs is that people that reside in the countries where torrenting is banned can connect to the servers of other countries and use torrent normally, with good enough speed.

How do VPNs work?

VPN server companies, change the IP address of the user that is using the VPN by becoming a bridge between the user and the internet. So, when the user requests something on the internet, the request first goes to the VPN and then the IP Address of the VPN requests to the Web Server. Thus, encrypting the IP address of the user and changing their location as well.

How to choose the best VPN for torrent?

The following are the qualities one must look for in the VPN companies before deciding what is best for them.

  1. Compatibility: A VPN must be compatible with different OS, different devices. This will allow for Peer to Peer sharing easily across one’s devices.
  2. Anonymity: It goes without saying that anonymity is the most important factor for choosing the best VPN for torrenting. The better anonymity and security a VPN can provide, the better it is.
  3. Connectivity: The user should be able to connect to the server fast so that web search is faster. As, now the requests go through a tunnel that connects to the VPN server before connecting to the web.
  4. Bandwidth: The bandwidth should be good enough to not throttle the ISP of the user.
  5. Fast speed: Uploading and downloading files must be fast.

VPN companies have their servers in more than 500 countries that can help user fake their geolocations much easily, in addition to the user’s data that is anonymized. Torrenting is illegal, but if illegal information is not being shared or downloaded intentionally, a VPN will only help the user.

How does the die cutting machine work?

In these days, people are entering in different employment fields among which one of the interesting work is of art and craft. If you belong to the same field, then you just need to cut different types of shapes and patterns of papers and fabrics. For cutting these materials in the perfect shape, you can use the scissors because this can create a little mistake in your work. So, it is better that you use the professional way of using the die cutting machine.

For what purpose die cutting machine is used for?

Die cutting machine is used for cutting the fabric, papers, covers in order to make designer items from them. This machine is available in two types which are a manual and digital machine. The manual die cutting machine don’t need electricity but the digital die cutting machine needs electricity in order to cut a fabric and material.

What is the working principle of manual die cutting machine?

Manual die cutting is the machine which is used to cut the designs of paper and fabrics by pulling the level. The people who want to use this machine need to take care of the positioning of the material which is needed to be cut. These are the ways with the help of which you can use the manual die cutting machine to cut the materials. I got working principle information from website. They write an article about die cutting machine in details. If you want to see follow this link.

  • Placing a piece of paper

First of all, you will need to take craft paper or fabric on which you want to get the design or embossing. Then you will need to take that piece of paper for placing it on the platform of the machine.

  • Choose the correct position

When you place the fabric or paper on the platform, then make sure that you choose the appropriate position where you want to get the cutting done. Then a clear mat is placed on the paper and die so that it remains in place.

  • Cutting process

When you will set everything properly on the platform, then the level can be pulled by hand which will work on the platform of the machine by applying constant pressure. The metal dies will be kept pressing on the fabric or paper.

  • Get the best shape

The edges of the steel have got sharp edges which create the shape selected by you. After the machine has done its work, the platform of the machine comes out of the other side of the machine from where you can get the new shape of paper.

These were the simple ways with the help of which one can use the manual die cutting machine. One can easily cut and emboss the artwork on fabric, paper on any other material with the help of this machine.

How does the digital die cutting machine work?

The people who want to use the digital die cutting machine needs to have electricity which can enable the machine to function properly. These are some of the simple steps which you will need to follow for using this machine:

  • First of all, you will need to fix the die at the perfect position along with paper or fabric which you want to get in the perfect and fresh shape. The wrong position can cut the fabric from the wrong place which would waste your So, it is better that you use your time in setting up the die and paper properly.
  • Die is a kind of material which is available on this machine and it is used to cut the material in a definite pattern of the picture. You will just need to insert the material and then the selection of design is your call.
  • One can select the design of cutting or engraving with the help of using software which you might have installed on your computer. You can also choose the design for cutting the fabric or page by using the touchscreen on the machine.

These were the simple ways with the help of which one can use the die cutting machine. This machine can be used by any person easily and if you are confused about using it, then you can read the instructions which are given with the machine as every machine has little different features and functioning.

The Fascinating World Of Laser Liposuction

When we talk about managing obesity or overweight problems, we have always believed that making changes to lifestyle and diet are the best ways forward. Yes, exercises, workouts and food habits certainly play a big role in helping keep weight under check. However, when the weight grows unchecked and crosses the threshold level and becomes obese then the persons concerned have a problem at hand. They may not get the desired benefits and results by going in for regular and conventional methods of weight management. It is here that the world of liposuction and surgery comes into play. This is a method that has been used for years by which it is possible to reduce obesity as a onetime effort. However, there are some problems with this method of treatment because it is invasive, painful and the patient may have to spend quite a few days going through the entire process. Further the time required for recovery is also quite high and there could be chances of infection which could lead to unwanted problems. So, it is quite obvious that not many people would be willing to undertake conventional liposuction procedures. So what is the way out? If you perhaps visit sites like you will be able to know about LCD or laser liposuction which is now breaking new grounds.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Let us now try and understand what this form of liposuction is all about. It is considered to be the best form of liposuction where the patient can get the best of results without being subjected to invasive surgeries and being put under the knife. Many patients have often complained of pains, and pus flowing out from the place where surgery has taken place.

All these problems can be avoided if you are able to choose the right laser or LCD liposuction process. This is minimally invasive and a small hole is drilled and laser heat is passed through the superficial skin and it reaches the subcutaneous part of the skin. This is where fat cells get deposited and they are also referred to as subcutaneous cells. When laser heat is passed on to the skin, the fat cells become stimulated. When the stimulation happens it is quite possible that they start developing pores. All this happens within a few minutes and therefore the whole body can be covered perhaps within a few hours. The cells start leaking and it leads to draining out of various substances including triglycerides and other substances. These get into the lymphatic system of the body and get converted into fluids.

How Does The Fat Get Out Of The Body

The accumulated fats are removed using a suction method because they are almost in a liquid form. The facts that are not removed can easily be flushed out through the lymphatic system. Since the laser intensity is low it can be adjusted as and when needed. It is done under local anesthesia and therefore it is almost painless but the results are simply amazing. Further the healing process is also quite fast and there is hardly any downtime. The patients need to be in the clinic or hospital only for a couple of hours. Yes, repeat visits might be required depending on the accumulated fats and also for shaping and contouring of the body.

Can Everyone Use It

However, it should be borne min mind that not everybody is suited for laser liposuction. While for some it might work wonders, for others it could have limited impact and that too only in select areas. Generally it has been found that areas like arms, neck and face often get the best of results as far as laser liposuction is concerned. It is suitable for those who have small deposit of excess fat and not for those who are chronically obese or who suffer from hormone problems leading to obesity. Such patients have to first treat the source of being obese failing which they will be only handling the symptoms and not attacking the main problem.


The biggest advantage with this form of liposuction is the fact that it is less invasive when one compares with other old body sculpting procedures. Further there is no major risk of tissue damage, pain, scarring or bruising. The incision that is made is very small and therefore there is even no need for the patient to get it stitched again. Therefore at the end of the day there are reasons to believe that the rate of recovery will be faster and patients can get back to their normal job within a short period of time.

There Are Some Downsides

However, there are some risk and downsides associated with this procedure. This will work only for small areas and traditional liposuction might be needed for covering various major parts of the body.




Many people wonder how someone can make writing a career. Some are in the camp of ‘writing is a piece of cake’ while others are baffled by someone who can consistently pen down interesting and insightful page after page. But ever wonder how an author lives on any given day? What their routines and commitments are? Well, this article shall describe a typical day in an author’s life.

There two kinds of authors, the first kind wake up early in the morning to get their writing done because mornings are usually very quiet and make for a very productive environment for some early bird writers. But for others, they wake up usually with their families, have breakfast with them and once everyone has left for work or school, they begin their writing. Most everyone swears they cannot do without coffee, some even drink a couple during the course of the day to keep them sharp and focused. They also might have superstitious rituals that they might do as well whether it is wearing a special robe to write in, or writing in a certain part of the house or office. Whatever it may be, it’s all to facilitate words onto the page. Most successful writers have the habit of writing down whatever they can think of, they set a word number goal for a day (anywhere from 1000 to 5000 words on average) and then think of everything else. It is quite common for them to run into writers’ block and when they do, they go talk a walk, observe people, or talk to friends for inspiration. As the old adage goes inspiration can strike anywhere.


But not all of their days are usually spent writing or thinking of what to write. They have other important commitments as well. Picking out book covers for their book, talking to their editor about changes needed, talking to the publishing house and doing publicity for a book are all very detrimental to being a successful author. An editor is a very important support system for an author to have. They share the same vision as the author and wants to see the work do well. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for an author to have an editor who understands them and who gives constructive criticism whenever necessary.

After an author’s workday wraps up, they usually spend the rest of time with family or friends. It is their turn to unwind and relax and get ready for it all over again the next day. So they try to make the best of their time. At the end of the day, an author does have a hectic life but they love what they do so it’s all worth it.




Everyone has their own skills and special abilities that make them unique. Some find that their talent is painting or drawing, others find joy in acting or singing. Just like that, captivating anyone with their words is a skill in and of itself. Being able to hook people with your story is a rare talent, in my opinion. As the Joker once said, if you are good at something, never do it for free. Here are six ways to make a quick buck from your way with words.


  1. Emails

We’ve all gotten those emails from random companies that don’t like advertisements at first glance. They try to hook you in with a cleverly written story or something witty that catches your attention. Companies have realized to be great at advertising, they must try to be more human with their efforts. This is where you come in.  These companies are willing to pay upwards of $150 per email and upwards of $1000 if you are experienced enough. So this is a great place to start out if you are looking to lend out your ability to weave a narrative.


  1. Blogs

Emails aren’t your thing? Then why don’t you try out the original place for storytelling on the internet?- blogs. Though not as popular as they used to, they are still paying a pretty penny to those who are able to mould content that fits the blog’s theme and writing style. They upwards of $100 per post.


  1. Social Media Campaigns

Anyone who is anyone uses social media. So it is no surprise that companies are looking to make big money using it. Companies use social media to connect with their customers and size up the competition. It directly influences their decisions so if you can make it into this space, these organizations are ready to cough up upwards of $2000 per month.


  1. Websites

If you aren’t good at writing content that is personal in nature, then websites are a great option. Everyone needs a website and those people are paying $1500-$3500 for a website of 3-5 pages. If you have a tech background, this is a match made in heaven.


  1. Video Marketing

With video sharing platforms like YouTube worth billions of dollars, it is no wonder people want a piece of that huge cake (of money). With upwards of $200 per minute of video, there has never been a more lucrative time to get into video marketing. This is a great option for those who want to produce teaching resources or make funny skits on the internet!


  1. Case Studies

If you have visited any big website, there are always testimonials from customers that detail their experience with the particular product or service that the company provides. These are usually what sways potential customers into buying as for most general people, all the technical just flies above their heads. If you have a background in journalism this is a great option for you. These case studies will fetch you upwards of $1500.

Copywriting For Humans


The best copy is warm and engaging and can bring any subject alive. (It’s also clean, efficient and search-engine friendly.) And the way copy comes alive is when it tells a story that makes people care.

That’s what I do. That’s my thing. I look for stories that will make people care.

I’ve made people care about getting lost on remote English hillsides and on Greek buses going the wrong way , I’ve made people care about the lunch they’re not yet having- and I’ve made people care about boredom itself.

like making people care. It’s fun.

(Also, occasionally, slightly evil. That’s fun too.)

Whatever I’m writing for you, whatever the subject matter is, I’ll have them reading to the end and caring about what you have to say.

What is Mentoring?


That’s the first thing I ask my clients when they sign on for mentorship. Writing is a great big huge open-ended mass o’stuff, and it’s easy to fitfully chase lots of opportunities and get absolutely nowhere. That’s a depressing state to be in.

Here’s where I come in.

I’ve helped people build long-term narratives for their blogs, designed to build a terrifically loyal audience. I’ve helped people score guest posts in high-profile sites, and get their pitches accepted in major publications. I’ve helped people find the motivation to work, to dodge writer’s block and to outwit their own brains in order to get writing.

In short, I’m not interested in woolly, intangible, hand-wavey concepts of “getting better” and “improving your Art” (although they’re always a by-product of the work I do with people).

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