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Mentoring School

What is Mentoring?

That’s the first thing I ask my clients when they sign on for mentorship. Writing is a great big huge open-ended mass o’stuff, and it’s easy to fitfully chase lots of opportunities and get absolutely nowhere. That’s a depressing state to be in.

Here’s where I come in.

I’ve helped people build long-term narratives for their blogs, designed to build a terrifically loyal audience. I’ve helped people score guest posts in high-profile sites, and get their pitches accepted in major publications. I’ve helped people find the motivation to work, to dodge writer’s block and to outwit their own brains in order to get writing.

In short, I’m not interested in woolly, intangible, hand-wavey concepts of “getting better” and “improving your Art” (although they’re always a by-product of the work I do with people).

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