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Everything you should know about a medicinal product based on marijuana

The history of humanity shows us that the use of marijuana has had ups and downs. Thousands of years before Christ the plant was already highly used for its medicinal properties as an excellent factor to deal with pain and make the treatments application easier. Over the years, marijuana became popular due to its adverse and inappropriate use. Unfortunately, even many societies of the world root this belief that Cannabis can only be harmful in the life of man.

However, marijuana has proven to be one of the plants with the greatest potential in everything that has to do with medicinal applications and that is the case of CBD oil. Although the studies referring to it are somewhat limited and others of them have not even been applied even in humans, there is no doubt that all the results obtained so far are truly positive and much more is still needed.

Unfortunately, the scientific study in many places is also relieved of the absolute prohibition of marijuana even for medical purposes, which unfortunately delays the progress of the research lines concerning its medical application. However, the information obtained so far is sufficient to know that its use is totally valid and that these products are highly recommended. Starting from there, we can start by asking ourselves what substance within the Cannabis plant is capable of providing so many benefits for the organism.

In general, the plant has two types of substances:

  • Psychotropic compounds, which are responsible for the hallucinogenic effect sought under recreational use.
  • Medicinal compounds that are retained in the plant in greater quantity and after being extracted there is no risk of any alteration in the state of consciousness after ingesting the medication.

This substance is known as Cannabidiol or CBD. From it all these products are processed. The function of this chemical compound on the organism has all kinds of positive applications and it is simply because this substance has an action very similar to a neurotransmitter produced directly by the body.

The CBD oil is a great product to make the most of the medicinal properties of marijuana in a very simple way. This is not the only presentation and everything will depend on the use that is necessary:

  • Topical or external use: Generally a variation is used that are sprays or creams based on the extract and are simpler to apply directly on the affected area of ​​the skin. However, CBD oil in these cases also works the same.
  • Internal use: In the most common case in which the oil must be ingested. Only a few sublingual drops are needed or diluted with some food substance so that our body begins to metabolize with it.

How are these drops obtained?

Generally they are obtained under an artisan process, although in many commercial lines of the product experts have already industrialized the procedure. In the first place, specimens of the plant are obtained, the quantity of Cannibidiol being much higher than the rest of the chemical compounds. Simply obtain the dry plant tissue of the plant, and undergo a traditional extraction process on a base oil to obtain the essential oil. The process is finished with a simple extraction.

How much should I use of the drops?

This is, without a doubt, one of the most asked questions about oil and about which people naturally have many doubts. What happens is that CBD oil is at a certain concentration. However, its developers have been given a complicated task to determine a standard of dosage regarding the general indications for the entire population.

Then it is worth clarifying that these drops are a medicament more and therefore its doses are stipulated taking into account the need of each patient. This clearly indicates that the drops should be consumed under medical prescription to avoid possible adverse effects.

In some people four drops are more than enough to supply the possible deficiency of their neurotransmitters and put the system back into operation. In other cases, like very strong pains produced by cancer or sclerosis, they will need much higher doses.

Could the drops hurt me?

The drops, as it was mentioned, are nothing more than a medicine whose active principle is Cannabis. As long as the doses are regulated and especially monitored by someone with the license to do so, then there is very little chance of presenting any adverse reaction.

CBD oil allows Cannabidiol to be introduced to the body in a gradual way. This substance acts as a natural neurotransmitter in the body, but the difference is that this substance produced by the body has sudden and very short-term effects. Cannabidiol increases this term on a large scale and even the body stores reserves of the substance in the rest of the body. In this way the body prepares a reserve of this external substance to make use of it when possible.

Stress, pain and much more completely disappeared thanks to the drops

So far, what the studies show is that the most important and clearly demonstrated use of Cannabis is as a relaxant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The effects produced are clearly superior to those produced by traditional drugs and that is exactly what makes it special.

Among the buyers of the product, the vast majority buys it claiming high levels of stress. This indicates something very important about the medication, since this potential could help to solve more diseases than are normally mentioned. Stress is a causative agent of diseases in modern man.

If the problems related to stress, anxiety, among others can be solved, then we will not have to wait long to see a total improvement of the body and natural increase of potential. The person who feels full and relaxed has a much healthier mental state and this allows, among many things, improve the ability to concentrate and do everything you would like.

Mental health is simply one of the best ways to maintain all the well-being of the body. If our mind is fine, then everything else will be more likely to be.

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