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Many people wonder how someone can make writing a career. Some are in the camp of ‘writing is a piece of cake’ while others are baffled by someone who can consistently pen down interesting and insightful page after page. But ever wonder how an author lives on any given day? What their routines and commitments are? Well, this article shall describe a typical day in an author’s life.

There two kinds of authors, the first kind wake up early in the morning to get their writing done because mornings are usually very quiet and make for a very productive environment for some early bird writers. But for others, they wake up usually with their families, have breakfast with them and once everyone has left for work or school, they begin their writing. Most everyone swears they cannot do without coffee, some even drink a couple during the course of the day to keep them sharp and focused. They also might have superstitious rituals that they might do as well whether it is wearing a special robe to write in, or writing in a certain part of the house or office. Whatever it may be, it’s all to facilitate words onto the page. Most successful writers have the habit of writing down whatever they can think of, they set a word number goal for a day (anywhere from 1000 to 5000 words on average) and then think of everything else. It is quite common for them to run into writers’ block and when they do, they go talk a walk, observe people, or talk to friends for inspiration. As the old adage goes inspiration can strike anywhere.


But not all of their days are usually spent writing or thinking of what to write. They have other important commitments as well. Picking out book covers for their book, talking to their editor about changes needed, talking to the publishing house and doing publicity for a book are all very detrimental to being a successful author. An editor is a very important support system for an author to have. They share the same vision as the author and wants to see the work do well. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial for an author to have an editor who understands them and who gives constructive criticism whenever necessary.

After an author’s workday wraps up, they usually spend the rest of time with family or friends. It is their turn to unwind and relax and get ready for it all over again the next day. So they try to make the best of their time. At the end of the day, an author does have a hectic life but they love what they do so it’s all worth it.

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