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    On Fevered Mutterings and Advertising

    My website has been around for a while and I’ve had some high-trafficked posts – so I get a lot of e-mails about advertising (and “advertising”). Until recently, I had a brisk, information-heavy advertising page. Then I rewrote it. Partly because I’m neither brisk nor information-heavy, but mainly because I’m not interested in making money in ways I’m not fully engaged with.

    Almost all of the things I’ve found most successful, most lucrative and most vocationally rewarding in the long run are things I’ve enjoyed and truly believed in. So I’m sticking with that as a strategy.

    This blog is about travel, storytelling and the transformative value of failure and of looking enormously stupid in front of strangers (because this is how I seem to travel. You have to work with what you’re given).

    My guiding principles include:

    I’m fascinated by why people travel. I’m in love with the endlessly compelling nature of the world that meets you when you leave your front door (even if you’re just popping out to get a pint of milk). I love technology, but I’m also a traditionalist, and I get cranky when people suggest they’re mutually exclusiveI like long conversations filled with ideas that might just workI believe in people in the general sense, and Greek food in the really specific, hands-on, pushing-into-my-face sense. And a bazillion other things.

    If what you’re approaching me with intersects with any of these interests, you immediately have my attention.

    If not, well, that’s ok – let’s talk further, after you’ve read the following guidelines…

    1. Sponsored posts

    Pieces of writing written by someone else, built around hyperlinks, which I’d get paid money to publish.

    I don’t  offer that service. Sorry. This isn’t me taking a public ethical stance against them – I do think they’re a relatively ineffective way for companies to brand themselves online, but that’s their business, and the business of the sites publishing sponsored posts, and nothing to do with me. I just don’t run them.

    2. Paid links designed to pass Page Rank

    Nope, sorry. Not those either, for similar reasons – but also because I’m not interested in playing chicken with Google’s guidelines.

    3. Guest posts

    In theory, absolutely, yes please.

    If you approach me with a fascinating and fun idea for a post that is totally aligned with what this site is all about, I’d love to hear from you. I can’t pay for it, but if you’re looking for some (modest) exposure or to just strike up an interesting conversation with my readers, ping me, I’d love that.

    In practice…I get lots of e-mails from marketeers offering guest posts on “any topic I like”, offered to me “for free”, containing “just one” link to a client’s website – in other words, the words of the post are irrelevant, because what is being offered is the chance to publish a hyperlink designed to game Google, for which I’d get paid. These aren’t guest posts, and the suggestion that I’m stupid enough to think they are is fabulously insulting. So, thanks for that.

    In fact, I got so annoyed at receiving these types of e-mails that I turned them into a game.

    4. Product / service reviews

    Absolutely, if I’m not snowed under with other work, which is why I very rarely run reviews. But I do occasionally run them. Take this, for example.

    I will always give a thorough and honest review of anything that comes my way, and I will always speak my mind, including giving constructive criticism. However, I’m only interested in reviewing products and services that fit the readers of this site (and that fit me), and I cannot run a review without disclosing that I’ve been offered that product or service for trial purposes. If I’m getting anything out of a business relationship and it affects what I write in this blogs, I make sure my readers know about it. Please don’t ask me to bend this principle – I’ll probably get uppity.

    I also get a lot of requests from new travel-based startups asking if I could give my thoughts, maybe add a few posts/reviews/links of my own in their product to get some exposure. I almost always can’t, because they’re asking me to do unpaid work, and so it gets pushed to the back of a queue that is already too long…

    If you really want to get my attention, approach me as one professional to another, with a business proposal. I guarantee I’ll get straight back to you.

    5. Sidebar / banner advertising

    Yep – if that advertising is a good fit with what this site is about. Please note that I won’t run pop-ups, and I won’t link to pharmaceutical products, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, gambling or anything to do with the Twilight series. Thanks.

    Thanks!  - Mike

    Image: Vintage Collective.

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  • http://www.wired2theworld.com Kristina

    I may just need to link my blog’s advertising page (if I had one) to this because I don’t think I could come up with something as clever in a million years. Nicely done.

  • http://www.tourabsurd.com Katrina

    Right on, Mike. I realized many years ago that things generally need to be funny and irreverent for me to really like them (discovered when studying industrial design and I found myself making a perfume bottle shaped like a nose). I don’t always remember to make fun a priority, though I am getting better at it. Stuff just doesn’t get done if I’m miserable. Simple as that. So good on ya!

  • http://www.nearafar.com Natalie T.

    For this you get five pieces of feta cheese. Opa!