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VPN, also known as Virtual Private Networking, is a security option available on the internet which extends a technology-based protection to your privacy. It uses layers of security to both private and public networks, also extending to broadband and hotspot networks in addition to WiFi services. VPNs are private networks within a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN or WAN) that allows a user to access, receive and send information secretly. This user could be an individual, an organisation or a body corporate.


Torrenting is a popular means of getting your hands on the latest media files on the internet, be it movies, songs, software or any of the wide range of things available. Not all torrents are legal in nature, as it technically amounts to wrongful acquisition and piracy to download media files for free. This is why VPN is gaining so much popularity in the torrents market, as it hides your personal details and puts you out of risk while downloading. There are a bunch of reasons why you should use VPNs while torrenting:

  • Most importantly, VPN protects you from any enforcement related and legal ramifications in case you illegally download something. Legal consequences could be very complicated in this arena, so its advised to stay away from them.
  • VPNs let you change your IP address and encrypt all your online activities while browsing the web, which shields you from phishing, hacking and other identity theft related cyber crimes. It also protects your private information, as the IP address is actually enough to locate an individual.
  • There is no loss in the speed of browsing the internet, which is a plus point given all the benefits of using it.

Once you are convinced that using a VPN service is a smart, coming of age decision while undertaking any download or data processing related tasks on the internet, the next question that arises is: how do you select the best VPN for torrenting? You can find satisfying answers to this dilemma at, a website dedicated to inform you of the best available services, track their success rates and provide a consolidated list of their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for yourself. It hosts three of the best VPN services in the market with their detailed descriptions. These services are ranked on the basis of a few strict parameters, which are listed below:

Server Speed: fast internet connectivity is a basic requirement of any VPN service. Sometimes, torrent websites have a high load capacity that can slow a server down. How fast the server allows you to surf despite these loads is the true test pf quality.
Uploading and Downloading Speed: when downloading a large file, slow internet speed can cause serious hiccups and lead to deteriorated quality of the download. Hence, a fast download and upload speed is necessary in a good VPN service.
Privacy, Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation: according to, the first and foremost task of a VPN is to effectively mask the identity of its users. The best torrenting VPN will ensure that your privacy on the internet while surfing or downloading torrents remains classified.
Bandwidth: unlimited bandwidth is another added perk to your VPN enabled internet surfing experience, making it a comfortable ride without the fear of your Internet Service Provider unduly interfering with it.
Device Compatibility: what is the point of a connection server if it does not run properly on your devices? Good quality VPN servers should be compatible across all operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, etc.
Leak Protection: this feature is only available in a very few, high end VPN servers only. When operating systems like Windows sends a DNS request, it does so with an IP address, usually. With this feature, the IP address is further protected and the request is routed through the VPN itself, in full secrecy.

BEST VPN FOR TORRENTING Now that the parameters have been set, the question arises, which server is actually the best VPN for torrenting purposes? offers an answer to this question by ranking the top three VPN servers. A summary of their Pros and Cons are given below: 


ExpressVPN offers a reliable service and has kept customers satisfied for several years. Some of its features have been divided into pros and cons here:


  • This is a no log VPN
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth and a smart DNS service, including leak protection
  • User friendly interface and easy to access across several operating systems
  • 30-day money back guarantee!


  • No free trial available
  • The plan itself is costlier than the others
  1. IPVanish has ranked this service among the high rated competitors because of its impressive speed and fair pricing. The features are:


  • It has a world-wide reach and maximum torrent support
  • Zero log policy and free NAT firewall
  • Unlimited bandwidth and secure DNS
  • Great compatibility across operating systems
  • 7-day money back guarantee!


  • The only shortcoming is that strict US laws on data regulation and cyber security are applicable.


  • PureVPN

This server is known for its impressive speed as well as good anonymisation facilities. Its features are:


  • No logs kept of the users
  • Allows five simultaneous logins
  • Great speed and compatibility with various operating systems
  • Special split tunnel and internet kill switch features


  • Customer support is not that great
  • Paid trial period of just 3 days


It is safe to say that VPN servers are the need of the hour when it comes to downloading and surfing content on the internet, especially torrents. Websites like are widely known for providing the reader with unbiased ranking and great insights into the servers in the market. Log onto to to find a server of your preference, and torrent away safely to glory!

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