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My Aphrodisiacs – which are the best foods that can help boost your sex life?

An Aphrodisiac is also referred to as a drug of love. It is that substance which helps in increasing the libido when taken in.

  • Dark chocolate can get your sex life boosted: dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and thus is a delicious way of getting some more of it. Antioxidants are considered to contribute to the reducing signs of aging and also the risk of the cervical cancer. The dark chocolate can make way in your kitchen as an aphrodisiac too.
  • Brazil nuts are considered to help in the stimulation of the production of a healthy ova and a sperm: the nuts contain selenium, this nutrient cuts the rate of prostate cancer in men. Since selenium stimulates the production of a healthy ova and sperm it is also considered as one of the best Aphrodisiacs. Other nuts and seeds can also be included in your diet such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans and hazelnuts. Walnuts have a double effect when it comes to playing a role in the department of love since it also contains omega- 3.
  • Apple: apple can also help in improving of your love life. Apple and other fruits like the berries and cherries are also rich in quercetin and when sex life is considered quercetin helps in controlling the symptoms of prostatitis and interstitial cystitis and also helps in the promoting of circulation. The IC related sexual symptoms will include genital pain, erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse.
  • Sweet potatoes: they are rich in potassium which helps fight the high level of blood pressure. Which is also regarded as a high risk of the dysfunction of the erectile.
  • Libido can increase with the eating of oysters: this seafood dish is truly rich in zinc which helps in increasing of the libido and also helps in the production of the cells of the sperm. This helps in getting in a good mood and also increases the chances of insemination.
  • Strawberries can increase your sex drive: strawberries have always been considered as one of the best Aphrodisiacs. They help to increase the sex drive in both the men and the women. Adding dark chocolate to the strawberries gives all the more a sensual treat to both you and your partner.
  • Meat: start including a variety to the meat section in your diet. Chicken, Pork, Beef. These meats contain Carnitine, L- arginine and also amino acids that help in the improvement of the flow of blood. If you are a vegetarian then you can go in for whole grains, nuts and the dairy products.

How does garlic work as an Aphrodisiac?

Increase in the blood flow to the sexual organs and dilating the blood vessels happens due to Allicin which is responsible for it. For good results you will have to chew on three to four cloves of the garlic for almost a week. The libido is stirred by the heat that is there in the garlic. But garlic will also you with a terrible breath, so after eating make sure you brush your teeth well or chew some gum so that your partner doesn’t keep away from you. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are some major issues caused in men because of the low levels of testosterone in them.

Signs that might tell you have low testosterone

  • Reduction in the sex drive: reduced levels of testosterone will also decrease the sex drive in you. It may also reduce your ability to have an erection.
  • Emotional distress: with low levels of testosterone you will feel emotionally distressed and it won’t let you be in a mood where you can have sex.
  • Low production of sperms: the sperm production in your body is reduced when the level of testosterone is low and your body makes an assumption that you will have no sexual activity.

Garlic can increase the levels of testosterone in your body. How?

  • Garlic helps in the synthesis of proteins which are essential for the manly look that you need to have – the bigger and strong muscles.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be healed with the help of garlic. Eating a garlic can help you get an erection.

Starting your morning with a power packed breakfast keeps you in a good mood through the entire day. What kind of breakfast could help you boost your sex life? Bananas, honey and coffee ­– Bananas are considered to be rich in vitamin B and potassium and both these are equally important for the production of the sex hormone. Honey on the other hand has being used to promote the sexual desire in humans in the past. While considering coffee, this has been found to increase arousal in females.

My Aphrodisiacs was started by a group of 4 youngsters from different countries who met and discussed their mutual interests in foods and aphrodisiacs and started off with their research from there. Since they are from different countries the appetite level and different types of food that are available can help in the boosting of your sex life. The aim of my aphrodisiacs is to spread their knowledge to the world and improve your quality of life and your sex life too. They look forward in sharing their discoveries with people across the globe so that positive results are obtained. Love making is an important factor to our vitality and towards a healthy and better living.

If you have become a slump in the bedroom, it is time to look what is going wrong with your diet, there are many foods that have the required nutrients which can help you build up your libido and also increase your overall health too. An aphrodisiacs are the foods which can benefit you to improve our sex drive. These will vary from person to person. Thus you need to consider yourself and which food suits you the best and then accordingly start consuming them to get a boost to your sex life.

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