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Some simple gestures that help you eliminate toxins every day

Your elimination organs work tirelessly to get rid of waste and toxins that could affect your health. By incorporating some habits, you help them to function better and prevent them from becoming overloaded. There are many detox programs which help you to get rid from toxin. Read Toxin Rid 10 day detox case study and help yourself to solve your issue.

Lots of water after waking up

Despite from acid taste, lemon is a very alkalizing fruit and, therefore, detoxifying. For very few calories, it gives you a generous amount of potassium, vitamin C and flavonones, all of them nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of the purification mechanisms that the organism sets in motion. In addition, by raising the levels of citrate in the urine, lemon juice reduces the formation of stones in the urinary system (in kidneys and bladder).

If you do not strain the juice, it even gives you a little fibber.

In the skin is concentrated a valuable antioxidant, d-limonene, which stimulates the functions of both the liver and the gallbladder and helps eliminate not only toxins but also harmful fats.

Steps to use:

  • To counteract the acidity, you can add some mint leaves to your water with lemon or lightly sweeten it with your favourite alternative to sugar.
  • You can also grate a little skin and add it, as long as you are using organic lemons.

Fill your shopping cart with organic products

The best way to help your body stay free of toxins and that organs like your liver can work better is to choose “clean” foods and minimize exposure to toxic substances in the home.

By choosing organic foods you not only avoid eating pesticides that can be allergenic, neurotoxin or carcinogenic, but also a wide variety of additives. Most often also you get more nutrients such as vitamin C.

If in addition to food you incorporate your cleaning products and personal hygiene products, you will save yourself exposure to substances such as formaldehyde, petroleum derivatives, parables, ammonia and many other substances that affect your health and that can sometimes easily accumulate in the organism.

With apple cider vinegar, baking soda and lemons you will cover much of the cleaning of the house.

In terms of hygiene and cosmetic products, there are many brands of natural and organic cosmetics. They are as effective as their conventional equivalents, but in addition to taking care of the skin or hair, they take care of your health.

An apple for mid-morning or for a snack

The fibber of the apple, pectin, is a great ally of our purification organs. Pectin is a carbohydrate that is not absorbed in the intestine and forms most of what we call soluble fibber. By retaining water, it forms a kind of gel or emulsion that absorbs waste in the intestine and facilitates the elimination of toxins with faces.

It helps you eliminate sodium ions, helps against constipation and promotes the cleansing of the liver, whose congestion causes many skin conditions; facilitates the elimination of uric acid with urine and helps eliminate toxins produced by bacteria that cause gastroenteritis and colitis.

Note that:

  • Pectin is concentrated mainly on the skin, so it is preferable to eat the apple without peeling.
  • At the time of purchase, choose best organic apples: in the skin also accumulate pesticides.
  • Other fruits give you pectin, such as peaches, blueberries and citrus fruits.

Put more raw on your table

Raw vegetables are the basis of any detox diet. They contain enzymes that facilitate digestion and improve the assimilation of nutrients. Without following a special depurative diet, including several servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day is essential to contribute to the proper functioning of our body, including the purification organs.

Many nutrients are involved in the purification processes and are better preserved in raw foods than in cooked ones: vitamin C, those in group B, sulphur compounds, minerals such as zinc or selenium … Do not forget the raw fruits and vegetables assures you obtain essential nutrients so that everything goes well .

The techniques of raw cooking can give you ideas to incorporate more raw foods into your menus, maximizing the availability of their nutrients and improving their digestibility.

Take care of your health

Stress inflames, oxidizes and detracts from our body. We attribute it to a frantic lifestyle and this undoubtedly has its share of guilt, but the deep origin of the stress lies in non-integrated emotions that activate repetitive physical and psychic responses.

Faced with a situation of acute stress, the body secretes adrenaline and nor epinephrine to cope with the situation. It increases heartbeat, respiratory rate and blood pressure, but decreases gastric secretion. The liver releases glucose, and the pancreas, insulin.

The constant segregation of cortical and catecholamine’s inflames, oxidizes and ages the organism. Sugar levels raise, blood pressure increases, some metabolic activities slow down and the immune system is inhibited.

Caring for the emotional world itself and taking seriously the reduction of stress by slowing down or practicing some psychophysical technique reduces that constant flood of chemical substances that flood our body and that the liver is so hard to eliminate.

It is no coincidence that traditional Chinese medicine relates emotions such as anger, fear or sadness with the main organs of purification: the liver, the kidneys and the lungs.

One teaspoon daily of turmeric

The interesting thing is to benefit from curcumin, an antioxidant that is considered anti-inflammatory and ant carcinogenic and that is, without a doubt, its most valuable component.

Curcumin protects the tissues of our body from free radicals, reducing inflammation and promoting its regeneration, and acts especially in the liver, our main purification organ. Reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver and helps reduce cholesterol levels.

More than high doses, it requires perseverance. The simple gesture of adding it to your daily repertoire will help your liver to function better and will act as a great preventive on many levels.

Steps to use it

  • Always accompany it with a little pepper and some fat (coconut oil, olive oil …) so that it is easier for you to assimilate curcumin.
  • You can add it to rice, soups, stews, and stir-fry, prepare golden milk or even simply dilute it in a glass of water.

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