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The genre of horror: reasons for its popularity

The idea of ​​watching a horror movie pleases most of us. It is one of the most popular film genres that we can find without a doubt. But have you ever asked yourself the reason? What do these types of movies have that are so attractive to the public?

Some researchers have asked the same and have taken the time to find out about it. It is very curious that the human being enjoys so much before expectation and fear. Something must exist scientifically speaking that explains such a phenomenon, but what will it be?

Man is able to enjoy what excites him and that links him to his deepest feelings, which means that people simply love to see in a story something that generates general sensations in the viewers that he would also feel. It is a meeting with his fears to see them shared.

This is why stories that are designed to produce a sense of panic and terror are so fascinating for movie lovers and even for those who do not. This has generated to the industry that the films of this genre multiply and grow exponentially.

Its appearance

These films -designed to generate fear, despair and even disgust in the viewer- have been covered for many years. Supernatural intromissions and some force or spirit has been a topic of interest for the general public since the last century. For the first decades of the twentieth century and some producers had begun to shape popular horror stories related to Frankenstein, mummies and other supernatural beings that generated great impact and interest on the population in general.

The horror cinema has, without a doubt, a great historical journey. The boom that it had during the 50s and 60s and the particular characteristics that it acquired during the Cold War are some of the key points in its journey in the film industry to understand the impact it still generates on the population.

Is it the most profitable genre?

The million dollar question: what kind of films is more advantageous for a producer when it comes to making them? Will there be any in specific? Well today we can answer all of this. The genre of terror is the genre par excellence when talking about profitability and market exploitation, and if it is not listed as the first, at least it is at the top of the list.

Yesmovies has reached a conclusion that explains the basic reason for this interesting paradox. This happens because horror films usually do not require large budgets. They tend to be stories with little number of characters, simple locations that allow the development of the whole plot, special effects that do not need to be extremely worked and many more. Just to compare it with a science fiction movie of the most famous, we will see that this makes all the sense of the world.

Yesmovies gave a brief review of the most profitable films for its producers when it comes to talking about horror in recent years and the reason for its success:

  • To this day, Saw is known as the saga of horror movies that have earned the highest or most profitable income for their production company. These films are recognized among the best that has been produced in the genre throughout its history.
  • Insidious, the saga of tapes on the magnificent Lin Shaye is another that has been highly profitable for its producers. With a low budget it was possible to obtain one of the most recognized films of the medium. Without a doubt, it was worth the entire investment.
  • Devil inside ranks third in this list of the most profitable horror films that can be found.

The great disadvantage

As the making of a horror movie is so affordable in comparison to others belonging to other genres, the general consequence is quite obvious: a large number of producers opt for this type of film. What is the problem? Well simple; the competition in the market is much greater with respect to these films, and this makes the task of positioning a new cinematographic film with this cut within the best in the box office much more complex.

The recent years for the genre

Many people think that horror movies are no longer as attractive as they were a few decades ago. Previously, generating a good horror movie was a much more complex task; there was more hard work than special effects provided by a computer.

Currently, we are facing a much more skeptical society than it was in the past century. Nothing seems surprising enough and shocking enough. This leaves a much greater task in charge of the film’s developers, who have the important task of questioning and answering those important questions.

When a horror movie is successful, there was a good job behind it. The films that have been received by the public and written with good reviews are counted. There is a lot of material but only a few are really interesting for the current viewer.

What is happening in the genre right now?

In the coming months we expect big releases for the screen. Yesmovies has prepared some of the films that have been reviewed by users as the most desired of this year. We can all observe very soon everything that awaits us in the movie theaters, or in the living room of our home viewing it through the web.

  • The nun: for all those who want to know more about a history related to the Warren, this spin-off of the famous story is more than ideal to have a good time.
  • Slenderman: for all those who wanted to finally see the well-known story spread on the web converted into a quality film.
  • Halloween: undoubtedly another of the most anticipated films of the genre for this end of the year.

This and much more happens to one of the film genres with more fans around the world, with many more pending for next year.

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