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What is SEO Optimization?

SEO optimization or just SEO, the original search engine optimization is the term that represents the work to improve the position of the site in searches on the Internet. This term refers only to a search that is not paid and is also termed organic search. You can not buy organic search results, but you can earn them and SEO comes here. Search engine optimization is as old as the Internet. Search engines have changed and improved, and so SEO optimization itself has become increasingly complex and increasingly difficult to run. The first page on Google is often the goal of SEO optimization, but we must note that SEO is not just positioning on the google search engine. Optimization is done for all browsers and depends on the market itself, or the number of users who are the target group of the optimized site. Make sure, that you hire a good harrisburg seo expert, who know the job well and can give you good results in quick time. This is a very important thing. If you do not select the right person, then you could be in for poor results.

The first page on Google

To achieve the first page on the Google search engine is certainly the goal of SEO optimization and the perfect harrisburg seo expert, know this well. On the first page, there are only 10 results in organic search, but research has shown that 70% of users actually pick up results on the first page, which means that out of 10 users only 3 users go to the other side in search of the desired result. These statistics apply to all keywords and must be taken with reserve because usually those 30% who go to the other side continue to seek something that is not offered or the results themselves are not relevant. When it comes to highly competitive words, the statistics are irresistible, as much as 90% of searches pick up results from the first page.

On page SEO optimization

On page, SEO is a technical part of the SEO optimization for search engines and this can be done by a harrisburg seo expert. This implies optimizing the site’s pages and taking care of how the search engine sees them. Let’s start from the top of the page. Site language, title of the site “title” tags, meta tags, addresses h1-h6, text on the site, images on the site, scripts. In this order, every page on the site should be reviewed and if it is possible to use copy/paste anywhere. Once you have person, who exactly knows the job well, then things will be much easier. You will never have a problem with it.

Off page SEO optimization

Off page SEO or site optimization outside of your site is the process by which you create links to the site, we also call link building. What is link building to the site? Simply put, they are links that a user can click on other sites and which will take him to your site. Links themselves have different value and quality. While 10 years ago the some links were the most important factor in optimizing the site, but now the importance of links is decreasing. More precisely, the quality of the link itself and the relevance of the source from which it comes from are more. This is a very important step and needs to be done well and you should be avoiding any kind of lapse with this. If this is done well, will have good impact on results.

SEO Agency

Do you need an SEO agency or can you make yourself optimize your site? We’ll be honest and say that for sites where small and medium-sized competitors can do most of your work yourself. For sites with more competition, you will have almost no chance. Most SEO agencies or people involved in digital marketing have experience that you do not have from which they can give you a link or do tests without interfering with your site. You do not have that luxury, if you go wrong you will waste time and you can lead the site to be in a worse state than before optimization. In addition, SEO agencies often work together to give you a more relevant source of links to your site. SEO optimization services by the agency are a better solution than having an employee who will work that part of the job. For almost the same money you can have a professional SEO team that will take care of your site’s positions and make you profit and you can focus on your business.

So what are you waiting for, get your website up and get it ready with good SEO and see you business reach new high and more money just for you?

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