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What should you do if you are suffering from leaky gut?

For starters, you may not know what we mean when we talk about “leaky gut”. This could be described as a condition of the intestinal tissue in which, as a result of multiple damages, it begins to fail and to give way to toxins and substance towards the bloodstream.

This problem is closely related to other problems that have to do with the digestion system. ReviewsBay indicates us that diarrhea, constipation, gas and stomach heaviness are problems that could be linked to the leaky gut and that are simply telling us that our digestive system is not in the optimal condition it should.

If the intestine does not work properly, nothing in the system will. The damage can be so great that our whole body could be affected, and this is simply due to the distribution of these toxins in their passage through the bloodstream.

The most important question of all: if this happens to me, what should I do?

Well, in fact, if you already have knowledge about the leaky gut, it is likely that you are interested in knowing the possible solutions. Recovering the intestine is a dual task: on the one hand it can be quite rapid if we take into account the ease with which the epithelial cells of this region regenerate. On the other hand, the actions that must be taken to change this may not be easy for everyone: most habits are linked to our traditional way of eating and the bad eating habits to which we have become accustomed.

First of all, it is important that you detect any symptom that tells you something is not working well there. ReviewsBay points out that there are many medications as supplements that we can incorporate into our diet; however, for this it is necessary that we know such symptoms. As mentioned above, diarrhea, irritation in the colon and accumulated gasses are some of the signs that our digestive system is not well, but this is not the only thing.

When these toxins are distributed throughout the body, they begin to generate other damages. For example, in a short time we could present a persistent acne or eczema on the skin without any explanation. This is only due to these harmful substances that are affecting the metabolism of multiple cells and end up being shown in this way in the body.

Now, as soon as you identify any of the symptoms, you should go to the doctor. You could try a general doctor, or go directly to a specialist, that is, a gastroenterologist. He will do the relevant tests and identify the cause of the problem. It is possible he indicates some basic medicines to alleviate the mentioned symptoms, like some gastric protector. This will not be the only thing; the doctor will settle on the changes you should take.

If we consider that this problem is usually generated by the bad eating habits and general care we take, the doctor will indicate all the things that the patient must change to recover. Even when there are very effective medications like the famous collagen supplements, this will be insufficient if there is no real change in the patient.

Everything you should know about these supplements

ReviewsBay tells us that there are ideal medications to correct the leaky gut problem. How do they do that? Well, through a contribution of collagen directly to the epithelial tissue that makes up the lining of the intestine.

To understand how it works it is very important that we understand the physiology of this tissue. Our epithelial cells need a large amount of collagen that keep them rigid and well formed, and that’s why it is found in the linings of our tissues and in our skin. When the cells of a certain tissue (in this case that the intestine tissue) are very affected, they begin to lose this collagen.

When this happens, the cells become smaller and less rigid, increasing the proportion of the intercellular space through which substances pass and enter. In the case of the intestine, these small pores are connected to a blood network of minimal vessels that eventually join and decant into the bloodstream. Through it all these nutrients and substances filtered by the tissue will pass to the cells of the whole organism.

If these pores are enlarged due to lack of collagen, the intestine cannot regulate the amount of substances that pass through, and many of these substances are retained to be discarded. Therefore, these supplements can be a great idea, as they will help to restructure the tissue by adding this lost collagen and speeding up the process of cell regeneration.

What should you know before consuming these supplements?

  • Keep in mind that the ingredients that constitute them must be natural. This will prevent any harmful effect on health.
  • Evaluate that none of its ingredients have adverse effects to you since it is possible that you have an allergic contraindication.
  • Remember that you should not self-medicate. The consumption of these medications, even when they seem to be minimally invasive, should be indicated by a doctor. Otherwise, you may be consuming something that may not be necessary for your problem.

Most important of all, do not forget that supplements are just that, supplements. They are there to complement other actions and measures that you must take, so by themselves they will not correct the problem of your leaky gut.

Many people think that just by consuming these products have already solved the problem, when they really continue to eat poorly, they do not take the time necessary to do the digestion, consume large amounts of alcohol and live stressed. All these are factors that directly impact the function of this important organ and that of many more.

Therefore, we must not forget that the best type of medication is the one that we incorporate with a healthy lifestyle. Many times we leave our body in the background and give priority to our concerns. After all, if our body is not well, we cannot do anything else. Does not this indicate something important?

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